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The charm of a historical home is undeniable. Big windows, high ceilings, multiple stories, and so many rooms add character. And yet those same features make the property difficult to temperature control. Very often, older homes either lack ductwork altogether or include an insufficient number of supply and return vents. With the weather extremes in Sheffield, AL and surrounding areas, you shiver all winter and deal with an overheated and muggy living environment all summer. 

High-Velocity HVAC System Installation

C & H Cooling & Heating, Inc. offers solutions without drawbacks. We can’t wait to share the innovation of high-velocity HVAC. This style of system was specifically designed to retrofit into existing homes with ease. We don’t tear down your walls or ceilings, create a mess, or destroy aesthetics without the eyesore of bulky equipment. Instead, we deliver ideal, consistent, and energy-efficient whole-home comfort. 

High-Velocity Heating & Cooling System Services

Call C & H Cooling & Heating, Inc. for a free estimate, ask about high-velocity heating and cooling and let us explain the simplicity of mini-ducts. Only two inches in diameter, flexible tubes route through existing walls without disruption. They link to six-inch diameter, round vents that allow freedom of style and location. The system uses a process of aspiration to very quickly raise or lower room temperature. You’re going to spend less every month and be amazed at your level of comfort. C & H Cooling & Heating, Inc. provides a full range of high-velocity HVAC services, including installation, repairs of all makes and models, and seasonal maintenance across Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, Florence, Killen, and Russellville, AL. 

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