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The ductwork is responsible for distributing heated or cooled air throughout the home. When the system is maintained in good condition, you enjoy superior comfort, air quality, and efficiency. However, a common problem is leaks. Experts suggest that the majority of homes sacrifice around 25% of heated/cooled air to gaps, cracks, and the seams of the ducts. Whether supply, return, or equipment leakage, C & H Cooling & Heating, Inc. is here to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

Reliable Duct Sealing Services

Flaws in the ducts put extra strain on the HVAC system, increasing running costs and the chance of malfunction while reducing lifespan. Hot and cold spots, more dust floating around, constant HVAC cycling, and odors wafting from the vents are all signs of issues with the ductwork. Get in touch with the professional from C & H Cooling & Heating, Inc. at 256-299-9417 for duct testing and sealing in Sheffield, AL and surrounding areas.

For your duct sealing needs, trust in C & H Cooling & Heating, Inc.!

C & H Cooling & Heating, Inc. brings extensive experience, specialized tools, and capabilities such as custom ductwork fabrication to every job. We’re able to identify and repair leaks without causing damage or mess. The process is quick, definitely cost-effective, and makes a significant improvement in the hygiene and comfort of the home. Our goal is not to sell you something you don’t need but to provide the skilled services that are essential to the enjoyment, value, and efficiency of homes across Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, Florence, Killen, and Russellville, AL. 

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