Our Comfort… Plus Program

Comfort… Plus is a service contract program for your central cooling and heating systems. The program is available from C&H Cooling & Heating Inc. to residential customers with central heating and air conditioning equipment, regardless of who installed the equipment. Comfort… Plus is a service contract to tune-up your heating and cooling equipment on a bi-annual basis. The program will provide peace of mind by correcting minor repair problems before they grow into emergencies.

Program Benefits

  • Reliable Equipment Performance
  • Efficient Operations
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • No Diagnostics Fees for Emergency Calls
  • Improved Comfort
  • Reduced Charges on Repairs

Scheduled Inspection Checklist

C&H Cooling & Heating - Comfort Plus Checklist




[text_output][icon type=”check-square-o”] Replace disposable air filters or clean permanent filtration units
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Check refrigerant pressures
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Inspect all electrical connections
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Confirm proper thermostat operation
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Check proper voltage and current flow
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Check motor performance
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Check and clean condensate drains
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Ensure that controls are working properly
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Maintain clean coils as warranted
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Check air flow and duct integrity
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Verify temperature differential
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Ensure proper compressor performance
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Check burners and clean is necessary
[icon type=”check-square-o”] Inspect heat exchanger and exhaust venting[/text_output]

Let us know you are interested in our Comfort… Plus Program by completing the Contact Us form on this page or by calling (256) 248-4886.