Our Comfort… Plus Program

Comfort… Plus is a service contract program for your central cooling and heating systems. The program is available from C&H Cooling & Heating Inc. to residential customers with central heating and air conditioning equipment, regardless of who installed the equipment. Comfort… Plus is a service contract to tune-up your heating and cooling equipment on a bi-annual basis. The program will provide peace of mind by correcting minor repair problems before they grow into emergencies.

Program Benefits

  • Reliable Equipment Performance
  • Efficient Operations
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • No Diagnostics Fees for Emergency Calls
  • Improved Comfort Reduced Charges on Repairs

Scheduled Inspection Checklist


Replace disposable air filters or clean permanent filtration units

Check refrigerant pressures

Inspect all electrical connections

Confirm proper thermostat operation

Check proper voltage and current flow

Check motor performance

Check and clean condensate drains

Ensure that controls are working properly

Maintain clean coils as warranted

Check air flow and duct integrity

Verify temperature differential

Ensure proper compressor performance

Check burners and clean is necessary

Inspect heat exchanger and exhaust venting